Industrial Design

Existing factories, process plants, and manufacturing facilities operate on a complex network of system utilities. The design for a new system project requires an understanding of the systems, the equipment, and how it all gets installed. The professional draftsmen at Concept Drawing & Design become members of the project team from beginning to end, and beyond. While we prefer to conduct our own field work and measurements, we are experienced in translating sketches and field notes into a comprehensive design.

Types of Design Packages

  • Energy & Utility
  • Shop Fabrication
  • Equipment Location Planning
  • Energy Supply & Return Diagrams
  • Utility Piping & Support Details
  • Asset Management Plans
  • Construction Bid Packages

Engineering Disciplines

  • Steam and Condensate Systems
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Process Water Systems
  • High Voltage Electrical
  • Low Voltage Electrical (Power & Lighting)
  • Safety and Hazard Mitigation